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Technical Assistance

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Sources of Technical Assistance

The CHGME Payment Program staff provides technical assistance throughout the year by providing one-on one support, conducting conference calls, holding public hearings when applicable, and conducting technical assistance workshops. This support provided to freestanding children’s hospitals is designed to help the community of teaching hospitals understand the rules, regulations, policies and guidance needed to apply and receive Federal GME support, and ensures smooth operation and administration of the program.  

One-on-one support by HRSA Regional Managers is on-going.  If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your regional manager.

The A, B, C’s of CHGME Payment Program (From Policy to Payments)

Information contained in the following presentation will be valuable for individuals involved in collecting, reporting, certifying or documenting information related to children’s hospitals participation and application for CHGME Payment Program funding.The A, B, C’s of CHGME Payment Program (From Policy to Payments) (PDF - 513 KB) is a review of the CHGME Payment Program.  Topics covered during the presentation include: 

  • CHGME Payment Program Federal Statutes & Federal Register Notices
  • Statutory Authorization & Appropriations
  • CHGME Payment Program Eligibility Requirements
  • CHGME Payment Program Application Cycle & Processes
  • Payment Methodology
Did You Know?
  • The CHGME Payment Program offers multiple methods of technical assistance.  CHGME Regional Managers can offer guidance on the program application, FTE Assessment Process and the Annual Report.
  • The CHGME Technical Assistance workshops provide information on the CHGME Payment Program, the FTE Assessment Process, and the Annual Report.