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Health Resources and Services Administration
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Webinar 421T-A: Forge Ahead Using A-TrACC Resources (Recorded 9/29/14) 
Presenters: A-TrACC Team

Technical Assistance Webinars

Health Insurance Marketplace Project

Webinar 419T-A: Marketplace Plans: What Every Provider Needs to Know (Recorded 9/18/14)
Presenter: Dr. Jason E. Marker, MD, FAAFP

Webinar 418T-A: Health Insurance Marketplace: POST Enrollment (Recorded 8/21/14) 
Presenter: Dr. Pamela Roshell, Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Webinar 413T-A: Supporting Consumer Enrollment through Innovative Practices and Partnerships (Recorded 6/17/14)
Presenters: Southeast Arizona AHEC Executive Director Gail Emrick with partner Patty Molina, Prevention Manager at Mariposa Community Health Center in Nogales; Eastern Shore MD AHEC Executive Director Jacob Frego, Continuing Education Coordinator Jennifer Berkman, and GAIT Coordinator Lisa Widmaier; and Western MD AHEC Executive Director Susan Stewart.

Webinar 412T-A: Curriculum Roll-out Training (Recorded 7/17/14)
Presenters: A-TrACC Team

Webinar 410T-A: Understanding Medicaid, the Marketplace and the Affordable Care Act (Recorded 5/13/14) 
Presenter: Seema Verma, MPH, founder of SVC, Inc.

Webinar 407T-A Been There Done That: Learning From Those Who’ve Given Marketplace Trainings (Recorded 2/26/14)
Presenters: Morgan Westfall, East Bay AHEC California; Paula Smith, Southern New Hampshire AHEC; and Linda Cragin and staff, MassAHEC Network

Webinar 405T-A Orientation 1/7/14)
Presenters: Peplinski and A-TrACC Team

Webinar 403T-A Marketplace 101 12/11/13)
Presenter: Carla Haddad, MPH, Office of Planning, Analysis and Evaluation, HRSA

Webinar 402T-A Project Kick-off 11/18/13)
Presenters: Peplinski and A-TrACC Team

Community Based Student Education (CBSE) 

Webinar 401T-A: CBSE Field Guide Spreadsheets for CBSE Coordinators. (Recorded 11/07/13)
Presenters: Boulanger and Forsell

Webinar 104: Data Collection and Performance Measures for AHEC Health Professions Student and Resident Rotations (Recorded 01/28/2011)


Health Careers Promotion & Preparation (HCPP) 

Webinar 401T-C: HCPP Field Guide Spreadsheets for HCPP Coordinators (Recorded 12/03/2013)
Presenters: Boulanger and Forsell

Webinar 105: Outcome Evaluation of K-16/Pipeline/Health Careers Programming (Recorded 02/25/2011)
Presenters – Cadzow & Merchant

Webinar 107: Using the National Student Clearinghouse Database to Track Students (Recorded 04/28/2011)
Presenters – Boulanger, Forsell & Torpy

Webinar 219: Examples of Successful Tracking Strategies for Health Careers Preparation and Promotion Students. (Recorded 05/23/12)
Rivera, Castro and Taylor


Professional Education & Support (PES) 

Webinar 106: Outcome Evaluation of Continuing Education Programming (Recorded 03/28/2011)
Presenters – English & Payton


Performance Measures and Evaluation Webinars

Webinar 420T-A: A-TrACC Field Guide 2.0 Making the Tools Work for You (Recorded 9/23/14)
Presenters: A-TrACC Team

Online Discussion Group 414D-A, B & C, How to Gather Data Effectively When Working with Partners
Session A: For CE Coordinators (Recorded 6/24/14)
Session B: For CBSE Coordinators (Recorded 6/25/14)
Session C: For HCPP Coordinators (Recorded 6/26/14)

Webinar 411T-A: Field Guide Spreadsheet Revisions (Recorded 5/29/14) 
Presenters: Steve Boulanger, Database Coordinator, South Carolina AHEC Program; and the A-TrACC Team

Webinar 409T-A: Survey Strategies (Recorded 5/1/14) 
Presenters: Terry Zollinger, DrPH, and Jennifer Taylor, DHEd, MPH, Indiana AHEC Program

Webinar 408T-A: Field Guide Revisions (Recorded 3/27/14)
Presenters: A-TrACC Team

Webinar 406T-A: Program Evaluation – Stories as an Evaluation Tool (Recorded 1/29/14) 
Presenter: Susan Eliot, MPH, CLP, Qualitative Researcher, The Listening Resource.

Webinar 401T-C: HCPP Field Guide Spreadsheets for HCPP Coordinators (Recorded 12/03/2013)
Presenters: Boulanger and Forsell

Webinar 401T-B CE/PES Field Guide Spreadsheets for CE/PES Coordinators . (Recorded 11/14/13)
Presenters: Boulanger and Forsell

Webinar 401T-A: CBSE Field Guide Spreadsheets for CBSE Coordinators .(Recorded 11/07/13)
Presenters: Boulanger and Forsell

Webinar 316-A: Performance Measures 2014: A-TrACC 2013/14 Field Guide Suggestions . (Recorded 9/11/13)
Presenters: The A-TrACC Team

Webinar 315T-A: Performance Measures 2013 - Suggestions for Aligning Data Fields . (Recorded 8/22/13)
Presenters: The A-TrACC Team

Webinar 312T-A: Program Evaluation - Data Analysis & Report Development (Recorded 5/15/13)

Presenters: Carlin-Menter & Lax

Webinar 308T-A&B: Mining HRSA Performance Measures
Session A: Using Performance Measure Data to Improve Evaluation & Stakeholder Communication (Recorded 2/26/13)
Session B: Digging Deeper into the Data Nuggets (recorded 03/19/13)
Presenters - Dunkak & Millner

Webinar 306T-A: Basic Evaluation Question Design:  Good data starts with good questions (Recorded 1/30/13)
Presenter: CindyLewis, MPH, Bowen Research Center, Indiana University School of Medicine.

Online Discussion: 206D-A. Sharing AHEC Logic Models (Recorded 01/09/12)
Presenters – Wainwright, Perweiler, Zollinger

Webinar 108: Reducing Fear and Loathing of Evaluation: Making Good and Practical Evaluation Choices (Recorded 05/10/2011)
Presenter – Chapel

Webinar 103: Tips for Developing and Using Data Collection Instruments (Recorded 11/16/2010)
Presenter – Manchester

Webinar 102: The Foundation of AHEC Evaluation: Focusing Your AHEC Work - Root Cause Analysis (Recorded 09/29/2010)
Presenter – Zollinger

Webinar 202: HIPAA, FERPA, IRBs – Do They Impact AHECs Data Collection Methodologies?  (Recorded 11/29/2011)
Presenters – Crabtree, Fofonoff & Witter


Interprofessional Education

Webinar 113Interprofessional Education 101: Where do AHECs Fit? 09/29/2011) 
Presenters – Blue, Brandt & Garr


Veterans Mental Health

Webinar 317T-A.VMH Advances (Recorded 9/24/13)
Presenters: A-TrACC Team

Webinar 313: AHECs & CSSP Partner to Promote Online VMH Training Options (Recorded 7/23/13)
Presenters: Kudler, Zeliff, Wainwright

Webinar 311T-A: Issues of Women Returning from Combat led by Lieutenant Commander Erin M. Simmons, PhD, a US Navy Clinical Psychologist. Women military service members returning from deployment to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan face gender-specific readjustment issues as they transition back to their local communities. This webinar provides an overview of the mental health concerns of women veterans within the context of military culture, gender-specific roles, available support resources and effective treatments.

Webinar 309T-A: AHECS & Health Centers: Working Together to Improve the Health of Underserved Communities and Vulnerable Populations - Caring for Veterans and their Families

Presenters: Donald L. Weaver, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, National Association of Community Health Centers and Andrew Behrman, President & CEO, Florida Association of Community Health Centers

Webinar 307T-A: The Suicidal Patient in Primary Care–Prevention Resources for Providers 2/20/13)

Presenter - Peggy West, PhD, MSW, Senior Advisor, Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) and Julie Goldstein Grumet, PhD, Director of Prevention and Practice, SPRC.

Webinar 310T-A&B: VMH Phase II Orientation (Recorded 2/11/13)
Presenter - Sheryl Pacelli, Rachel E. Brysacz, Gretchen Forsell, Carol Trono

Webinar 305T-A: New Resources to Support CE Efforts 1/8/13)
Presenters: Sheryl Pacelli, Angela Noreen-Meader, and the A-TrACC Team. 

Webinar 302T-A: Vets MH Phase II. Session A for New Recruits 11/14/12)

Webinar 302T-B: Vets MH Phase II. Session B for Re-Enlisting Centers 11/15/12)
Presenters: Mary Wainwright, Gretchen Forsell, Carol Trono

Webinar 203: An Introduction to the A-TrACC Veterans Mental Health Project 11/3/2011)
Presenters – Wainwright & Peplinski

Webinar 204: Assisting Returning Service Members/Veterans and their Families: A Public Health Response as a Nation at War EXIT DISCLAIMER(Recorded 11/15/2011)
Presenters – Kudler

Webinar 205: Military Culture – Vietnam to Afghanistan. (Recorded 12/14/11)
Presenter – Hickman

Webinar 207: Assessment & Treatment of Combat PTSD 1/26/2012) 
Presenter – Simmons

Webinar 208: Signs & Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury 2/23/12)
Presenter – Kelly

Webinar 209: Substance Abuse 3/15/12 )
Presenters – Yates & Graham

Webinar 210: TRICARE 101 4/3/12)
Presenter – Corlett

Webinar 211: Working Miracles in People’s Lives: Connecting the Faith Community and Behavioral Health Professionals to Help Service Members and their Families Exit Disclaimer.(Recorded 5/1/12)
Presenters – Rogers & Oliver

Webinar 212T-A: Suicide and the Military: Gaining Ground in the Battle Exit Disclaimer.(Recorded 6/5/12)
Presenter –  Flick

Webinar 213T-A: The Story of War & Warriors & Rural Mental Health Exit Disclaimer.(Recorded 8/7/12)
Presenter - Harold Kudler, MD

Webinar 214T-A: Project Wrap Up & Next Steps Exit Disclaimer.(Recorded 9/7/12)
Presenters: Mary Wainwright & Kyle Peplinski