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Post-doctoral Training in General, Pediatric and Public Health Dentistry


The purpose of this program is to provide grant funding to plan, develop, operate, or participate in, approved post-doctoral training programs in the fields of general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or public health dentistry and to support a master’s year for dental residents in accredited master’s in public health degree programs. Funded training programs may provide financial assistance to participating dental residents or practicing dentists who plan to work in the fields of general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or public health dentistry.


Entities eligible for grants to support training in general, pediatric, or public health dentistry include entities that have programs in dental schools; or have approved residency or advanced education programs in the practice of general, pediatric, or public health dentistry.  

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Program details (Opportunity Closing Date: 05/28/2010)

Abstracts from FY2011

Active Grants and Abstracts


Thomas Vallin
(301) 443-6190

Open Funding Opportunities

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