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Interprofessional Education

Coordinating Center for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice


The purpose of the coordinating center for interprofessional education and collaborative practice (CC-IPECP) is to provide an infrastructure for leadership, expertise, and support to enhance the coordination and capacity building of IPECP among health professions across the U.S. and particularly in medically underserved areas.  Through innovative program coordination, scholarly activities, and analytic data collection efforts, the coordinating center will raise the visibility of high-quality, coordinated, team-based care that is well-informed by interprofessional education and best practice models.  The CC-IPECP will be a focal point in a growing national effort to foster IPECP among health professions.  HRSA intends to partner with other federal agencies, foundations, and public and private organizations to work towards a shared vision to transform a siloed U.S. healthcare system into one that engages patients, families, and communities in collaborative, team-based care.  Accordingly, the CC-IPECP will serve as a hub to generate, coordinate, evaluate, and disseminate safe, efficient, effective, and equitable practice models that are essential for education and practice in emerging integrated care delivery systems.            


Eligible applicants for this cooperative agreement represent a consortia or a partnership of entities such as a health professions school and a healthcare facility (e.g., between multiple health professions education programs and at least one team-based practice setting as a central partner) identified in the Public Health Service Act, Sec. 747(a) and Sec. 831. 

Eligible entities under Sec. 747(a) include an accredited public or nonprofit private hospital, school of medicine or osteopathic medicine, academically affiliated physician assistant training program, or a public or private nonprofit entity which the Secretary has determined is capable of carrying out such grant or contract.

Eligible entities under Sec. 831 include a school of nursing, as defined in section 801(2), a health care facility, or a partnership of such a school and facility.

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