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Primary Care Training and Enhancement (PCTE)


The Primary Care Training and Enhancement program aims to strengthen the primary care workforce by supporting enhanced training for future primary care clinicians, teachers, and researchers and promoting primary care practice in rural and underserved areas. 

This grant focuses on producing primary care providers who will be well prepared to practice in and lead transforming health care systems aimed at improving access, quality of care, and cost effectiveness. Applicants for the PCTE program must focus on training for transforming healthcare systems, particularly enhancing the clinical training experience of trainees.


Eligible applicants are accredited health professions schools and programs, including:

  • Schools of allopathic or osteopathic medicine
  • Academically affiliated physician assistant training programs
  • Accredited public or nonprofit private hospitals
  • Public or nonprofit private entity capable of carrying out the grant

More Information

Active Grants and Abstracts


Anthony Anyanwu 
(301) 443-8437