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Faculty Development: Integrated Technology into Nursing Education and Practice (ITNEP)

Note: This program will not have any future competitions.


The purpose of the Faculty Development:  Integrated Technology in Nursing Education and Practice Initiative is to provide support to nursing collaboratives for faculty development in the use of information and other technologies in order to expand the capacity of collegiate schools of nursing to educate students for 21st century health care practice. Nursing collaboratives will use health care information systems to enhance nursing education and practice, optimize patient safety, and drive improvements in health care quality.


Eligible applicants are collegiate schools of nursing capable of carrying out the initiative’s purposes. Eligible applicants must provide a formal written agreement demonstrating collaboration with one or more academic health center(s), school(s) of nursing, accredited public or private institution(s) of higher learning, or other public or private entities capable of carrying out the program goals and objectives.  The roles and responsibilities of the collective partnership and of each partner must be clearly delineated. 

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Program details (Opportunity Closing Date: 2/25/2010)
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Nancy V. Douglas-Kersellius
(301) 443-5688

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