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Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide (NAHHA)

Note: This program will not have any future competitions.


The purpose of the Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide (NAHHA) program is to provide infrastructure support for the development, evaluation, and demonstration of a competency based uniform-curriculum to train qualified nursing assistants and home health aides to meet the growing healthcare needs of the aging population.  The NAHHA program will strengthen the direct care workforce by providing nursing assistants and home health aides with the necessary skills that can be transportable to any job market in the nation.


Eligible applicants are colleges or community-based training programs that are capable of carrying out the legislative purpose of preparing individuals to become nursing assistants and home health aides. 

A funding preference shall be granted to applicants with projects that will substantially benefit rural or underserved populations, or help meet public health nursing needs in State or local health departments.

More Information

Program details (Opportunity Closing Date: 7/22/2010)
Active Grants and Abstracts


Kirk Koyama, MSN, RN, PHN, CNS
(301) 443-4926