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Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR): Veterans’ Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Program (VBSN)

A Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention: Veterans’ Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Program grant competition is not planned for FY 2015.

  • Awards will be made instead to highly qualified applications that were recommended for funding during the HRSA-14-071 competition in February 2014, but did not receive awards because funds were not available.
  • Awards are dependent on the FY 2015 appropriation.
  • Current grantees are not affected.


To develop and implement career ladder programs targeted to increase the enrollment, progression and graduation of veterans from baccalaureate (BSN) nursing programs in an effort to expand the nursing workforce and improve employment opportunities for veterans in high demand careers such as nursing.  Awarded projects will develop processes for awarding academic credit and assessing competencies that build upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities veterans possess.  Projects will also include mentorship, faculty development, and academic and social support services, targeted to assisting veterans.


Eligible applicants include accredited Colleges/Schools of Nursing, health care facilities, or a partnership of such a school and facility. Applicants must also be Service Member Opportunity Colleges or have a current Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding for protection of veterans.

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Marian Smithey, MSHP, BSN, RN
(301) 443- 5688