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Nurse Managed Health Clinics (NMHC)

Note: This program was funded one-time only through the Affordable Care Act and will not have any future competitions.


The purpose of the NMHC program is to support nurse managed clinics that improve access to primary care, enhance nursing practice by increasing the number of clinical teaching sites for primary care and community health nursing students, and develop electronic processes for establishing effective patient and workforce data collection systems. NMHC also serve as primary care access points in areas where primary care providers are in short supply.


Eligible applicants must be a nurse-managed health clinic (NMHC) that is associated with an accredited school, college, university, or department of nursing, federally qualified health center or independent nonprofit health or social services agency.  Applicants must provide primary care or wellness services to vulnerable and /or underserved populations.  

An administrative preference will be given to applications that develop affiliations with schools of nursing advanced practice nursing program and other interdisciplinary providers.

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Program details (Opportunity Closing Date 07/19/2010)
Active Grants and Abstracts


Josepha Burnley, DNP, RN, FNP-C
(301) 443-5688

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