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HPSA Designations
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Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)

Programs that use HPSAs to determine eligibility may utilize the HPSA data as of a certain date in time in order to facilitate program operations.  To determine the list of eligible HPSAs and the corresponding HPSA scores for use in the National Health Service Corps, individuals should refer to the NHSC Jobs Center.

HPSA Designation Criteria, Guidelines & Process
Information on how HPSAs are defined and the designation process.

Criteria for Determining Priorities Among Health Professional Shortage Areas
Federal Register Notice that sets forth the current greatest shortage criteria for HPSAs.

Automatic Facility HPSA Scoring
How HPSA scoring works.

Rural Health Clinic Automatic HPSA Process
Information on how to request an auto HPSA for your CMS-certified RHC

How to Apply for HPSA Designation
Application guidelines and contact information.

HPSA Glossary
A list of HPSA-related terms.

Is this a Health Professional Shortage Area or Medically Underserved Population

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State Primary Care Offices for designation application help and State shortage information

Exchange Visitor Program for physicians with J-1 visas working in HPSAs

National Health Service Corps scholarships & loan repayment in return for service at NHSC-approved sites in greatest-need HPSAs

Medicare PSA/HPSA Physician Bonus