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HPSA Designations
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Updated Designations

NOTE: The data on this site reflect the HPSA data as of June 27, 2013. Today this list of designated HPSAs is being updated to reflect the publication of the Federal Register notice on this day. This notice will reflect the status of HPSAs as of May 11, 2013. The main impact of this publication will be to officially withdraw those HPSAs that have been in either “proposed for withdrawal” or “no new data” status since the last Federal Register notice was published. See the following links for the primary care, dental, and mental health listings of designated HPSAs as of May 11, 2013. 

HPSAs that were designated after May 11, 2013 are considered designated even though they are not on the Federal Register listing; HPSAs that have been placed in “proposed for withdrawal” or no new data” status since May 11, 2013 will remain in that status until the publication of the next Federal Register notice. It is important to note that the HPSA data that are available on the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) web site through the Find a HPSA page ( and in the HRSA Data Warehouse are updated on a daily basis, and therefore these data will not be exactly the same as the listing included in the Federal Register. New HPSAs may have been designated since May 11, 2013, and other HPSAs may have been proposed for withdrawal or had no new data supplied to support their continued designation. These changes will be reflected in the on-line searches but will not match the information in the Federal Register, due to the time required to prepare the official notice. 

If there are any questions about the status of a particular HPSA or area, we recommend that you contact the state primary care office in your state; a listing can be obtained at State Primary Care Office.